TikTok presents the first AR effect to use the iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR scanner


The iPhone 12 Pro was introduced last fall and, like the iPad Pro, has a LiDAR scanner on board, which gives the iPhone the ability to measure the distance to objects precisely by scanning the room. The scanner will therefore be particularly advantageous for portrait shots and the use of augmented reality, developers have the option of accessing the sensor via an API. An impressive example is the 3D scanner app, which Caschy has already presented.

TikTok is now knocking out the first AR effect that also uses the scanner. In keeping with the start of the new year, it is a balloon that shows the countdown, ultimately explodes and produces the year 2021 and a lot of confetti. So far, there is nothing special. The results of the LiDAR scanner now make it possible for the confetti to interact virtually with the objects in the room. For example, in the video you can see very well how the confetti remains on the arms and is correctly placed on the floor or sofa. Has something.

The effect should – with a few exceptions – be available globally and TikTok also announces that they want to introduce even more such effects this year.

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TikTok presents effect iPhone Pros LiDAR scanner


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