Town hall and Marx-Engels forum is to be renewed


 The  appearance of the center of Berlin is facing the next big change. Right next to the recently completed Humboldt Forum with its three reconstructed façade sides of the baroque city palace, the town hall and Marx-Engels forum is now to be renewed, which extends to the Rotes Rathaus and Alexanderplatz.

On Thursday, the city announced a Europe-wide landscape planning ideas and implementation competition. ©

 The  huge area with the monument to the communist masterminds Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, which has been hidden between trees for several years, is intended to provide space for meetings and political actions as well as “joy of life and relaxation, taking into account the advancing climate change”. We are looking for concepts with a clear stance and flexibility for process-based implementation.


 The  results of the competition are to be presented by autumn and implemented from 2024. According to an interim status in 2030, the completion of the design and conversion is planned for 2040.

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Town hall MarxEngels forum renewed


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