Tradwives live the traditional distribution of roles: Then prefer a housewife – panorama


By Sandra Markert

Another sip of coffee? © The  Tradwives want to go back to the role model of the 50s.

Foto: mauritius images / ClassicStock / H. Armstrong Roberts

She should serve the man, be a good mother and keep things tidy at home: © The  Tradwife movement wants to enhance the life of a housewife. ©

 The re is more to this than just staging on social media.

By Sandra Markert

January 24, 2021 – 1:42 pm

Stuttgart – shopping, vacuum cleaning, ironing, cooking, dressing up and taking off the husband’s jacket as soon as he comes home from work in the evening: What sounds like a journey into the rough life of the 1950s is daily reality for Alena Kate Petitt or ” her absolute fairy tale, ”as the 34-year-old announced with a smile in a television report on the British broadcaster BBC. ©

 The n, while she sips tea from her flower cup in between, she explains that her life’s work as a “Tradwife” – that is, as a traditional (“traditional”) wife – is to submit to her husband and to pamper him, “as it would be 1959 ”.

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Tradwives live traditional distribution roles prefer housewife panorama


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