Tragedy in Italy: Viennese frozen to death in Rome – Vienna


Poverty Drama in Italy! On the night of Wednesday, a 46-year-old Viennese died in the capital Rome.

As the “Kronen Zeitung” reported on Saturday, the Viennese was found lifeless on Wednesday night by volunteers from the Sant’Egidio community.

 The  rescue workers tried to bring the 46-year-old back to life, but any help came too late for the Austrian. According to the report, the Viennese froze to death, had no roof over his head and was wrapped in an old blanket.

Calls for more help are getting louder

© The  Viennese were already the tenth victim of the cold in Italy, the “Kronen Zeitung” continues. After the poverty tragedy, calls for more help for those in need are getting louder. It is increasingly called for the assistance of the homeless, especially in the winter time.

In Austria, too, numerous people are affected by homelessness. According to “Krone”, almost 23,000 men and women currently have no roof over their heads. © The  Caritas cold telephone offers support here.

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Tragedy Italy Viennese frozen death Rome Vienna


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