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Berlin – “DEMON TO SOME ANGEL TO OTHERS” could be read on the back of the oversized hooded shirt by Bushido after he had peeled off the top (“I’m too warm”). “Demon for an angel for another”. A message for Arafat Abou-Chaker? Who is said to have threatened, insulted and imprisoned him after the end of the mutual business relationship?

Bushido’s swimming pool was the subject of the trial against the clan chief (44) and his brothers in room 500 of the regional court on Wednesday 20th day.  The  play had been placed against his will on the common property in Kleinmachnow. Unfinished to this day. Without installed pumps. Without tiles … “A concrete body.”


 The  rapper (42): “©

 The re is a pool in front of Arafat’s house. I wanted one too. ”But the building authority declined – because the net usable area of ​​the property was exceeded. He accepted that. Nevertheless, construction was carried out: Illegally. “Against my will in terms of building law. In the middle of the woods.”

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Bushido in the courtroom

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 The  rapper stumbled over receipts for this and for other construction work after the two former business partners separated. “I hadn’t bothered about money for years.”


 The  music business came first. Other things happened by the way. Like renting and leasing the real estate complex in Rüdersdorf. He has already signed the annual accounts. But like 90 percent of taxpayers don’t read exactly what it said. “I didn’t know anything about the day-to-day business of the GbR.”

Rommel Abou-Chaker was the “fairy godmother”. If there was something to be clarified there, if something had to be done. He did it. “But the decisions were made by Arafat. What he didn’t want didn’t happen either. “

It was only from 2018 that he took care of the GbR’s finances himself. On the first bank statement the rapper received, there were 182,000 euros in credit. “I thought it was great.” But on the second move weeks later it was suddenly only 2000 euros. He checked with the bank. “©

 The re was a 180,000 euro cash withdrawal from Rommel – without a purpose.” That was strange. And no response to Abou-Chaker’s request. ©

 The  rapper: “I quit Rommel. Arafat hired him again. I quit again. Arafat hired him again … Like a ping-pong game. “

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Bushido when the judge asked what happened to the 180,000 euros: “After a long time I got a hodgepodge of construction bills and cash receipts from a construction company.” About paving work, weeding … “Everything is very vague.” Machines. “This is a very big fake.”


 The  Arafat brothers have so far remained silent on the allegations of deprivation of liberty, insult, attempted serious extortion, dangerous bodily harm and coercion. Bushido, real name Anis Ferchichi, is the main witness and co-plaintiff in the trial. Bodyguards accompany him into the hall on every day of the trial.

Continuation: Monday.

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