Trial against “Wald-Rambo” Yves R .: He threatened police officers with silver bullets – Stuttgart


Stuttgart – Second day of the trial against “Wald-Rambo” Yves R. (32) before the Offenburg Regional Court.

Police chief Michael S. (34) testified as a witness.  The  officer described how R’s forest hut was searched and several weapons (a lance, an ax and a blank gun) were found.

When the police tried to search Yves R. themselves, the “forest rambo” went crazy and threatened the police.

Yves R. hid in this garden shed

Yves R. hid in this garden shedPhoto: dpa

Police officer Michael S .: “I took a step forward, put one foot on the corner seat – and then I looked into a gun. Mr R. then said that it is loaded with silver balls, by the way. I put my hands up and thought, now it’s going to bang … ”

R. disarmed a total of four police officers, fled and hid for several days in the forest from a large contingent.

Photos of the weapons found in the hut after Yves R.’s disappearance were also shown during the trial. Below is the lance with the inscription: “My God of the dead is a great, wild red.”


 The  trial will continue on February 2nd.

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Trial WaldRambo Yves threatened police officers silver bullets Stuttgart


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