Trials – Frankfurt am Main – court: knife attack among drug dealers as self-defense – panorama


Processes – Frankfurt am Main:Court: knife attack among drug dealers as self-defense

A sign with the words “Landgericht” and “Amtsgericht” can be seen on the facade of the courthouse. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa / archive (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) – Two life-threatening stab wounds on a drug dealer have no criminal consequences for the perpetrator. © The  Frankfurt Regional Court sentenced the 31-year-old on Tuesday to 18 months suspended sentence for drug trafficking. ©

 The  accused was acquitted of self-defense from the charge of attempted manslaughter. According to the verdict, the later injured had started the dispute in April 2019 on the street in Frankfurt-Bornheim with the use of a heavy iron bar. ©

 The  31-year-old had no other option than to end the attack with the knife attack, it said in the judgment (Az .: 3590 Js 217222/19). ©

 The  verdict is not yet legally binding.

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Trials Frankfurt Main court knife attack among drug dealers selfdefense panorama


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