Trump administration accuses China of “genocide” of Uyghurs


Dhe government of the outgoing American President Donald Trump has officially accused China of “genocide” against the Muslim Uyghur minority. “I believe that this genocide is ongoing and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt by the Chinese party state to destroy Uyghurs,” said Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo on Tuesday.

China has been perpetrating “crimes against humanity” against Uyghurs and other “ethnic and religious minorities” in Xinjiang province since at least March 2017. China is striving for a “forced assimilation and ultimately extermination” of the Uyghurs, Pompeo said.

For some time now, the Chinese leadership has been massively criticized internationally for its actions against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. According to human rights organizations and researchers, at least one million Uyghurs and other Muslims are imprisoned in hundreds of detention centers in northwest China’s province.

 The y are therefore forced to give up their religion, culture and language and in some cases are also mistreated. Beijing rejects the allegations and speaks of “education centers” that serve to fight Islamist radicalization.

Pompeo called on China on Tuesday to release all detainees and to abolish the camp system. © The  Trump administration is in office until Wednesday noon (local time). © The  future President of the United States Joe Biden had also spoken of genocide last year with a view to China’s action against the Uyghurs.

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Trump administration accuses China genocide Uyghurs


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