Monday, April 5, 2021

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Trump plans his political future from a new base in Florida


Officially, the elected US President Donald Trump (74) allows himself a break of several weeks after the exhaustive term in office. This is usually a tradition among presidents after they have left the White House. But Trump also seems to be breaking this custom. Photos taken by paparazzi over the weekend show Trump playing golf at his West Palm Beach Club. As he was on his way back to his stately Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, he was celebrated by roadside supporters.


 The  shame of the past few days cannot be seen on Trump. He seems relaxed and relaxed. And possibly already starting a counter-offensive – threatens its own republican party with founding its own party. It should be called the Patriot Party, or the MAGA Party, as reported by the Washington Post, the acronym for “Make America Great Again”. According to US media reports, Trump wants to use his own ultra-right party to punish “disloyal” Republicans who have not been loyal to him and who support the impeachment proceedings against him.

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Trump plans political future base Florida


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