Trump’s second impeachment is a fact


In contrast to the last time, ten Republicans voted with the Democrats on Wednesday for an indictment. Conviction is unlikely. While the capital is becoming more and more like a fortress, Trump threatens to split the party.

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, arrives at the Capitol for the session on President Donald Trump’s second impeachment.

Shawn © The w / EPA

© The  Grand Chamber of Congress on Wednesday indicted President Donald Trump for the second time in an impeachment case with 232 votes to 197 for inciting a riot. It is practically impossible that Trump will be deposed before he leaves office next Wednesday. For this he would have to be condemned by the Senate, which is on a break until the inauguration of Joe Biden, with a two-thirds majority. At least seventeen Republicans would then have to support the Democrats. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ruled out calling the Senate members back to Washington for it.

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Trumps impeachment fact


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