Tweet after storming the Capitol: charges against MPs Fiechtner – Stuttgart


In the summer of last year, the non-attached MP Heinrich Fiechtner allowed the police to carry him out of the state parliament. Now the public prosecutor’s office is examining a Twitter video from the ex-city council, in which he calls for “to get serious about the parliaments”. Photo: dpa / Marijan Murat

 The re are several reports against the non-attached and non-party member of the state parliament Heinrich Fiechtner in the Stuttgart public administration because of an aggressive tweet. ©

 The  state security is also concerned, the state prosecutor is checking the Fiechtner video.

Stuttgart – He is known for testing the limits of freedom of expression – the non-attached member of the state parliament Heinrich Fiechtner. Now the former AfD parliamentarian and former Stuttgart city council is facing legal trouble again. ©

 The  Stuttgart public prosecutor is examining several charges against Fiechtner because of a video that he published on Twitter a few days after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. ©

 The  police state security department has also asked the agency to review the video content.

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Tweet storming Capitol charges MPs Fiechtner Stuttgart


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