Two months after separation: Do Andrej and Jenny have contact?


In 2019 Andrej Mangold (34) met his dream wife Jennifer Lange (27) as a Bachelor. But shortly after their participation in the summer house of the stars 2020, the two announced in November that they would go their separate ways.  The  basketball player has been trying to process the separation for a few weeks and is currently going through a difficult time. But there is no radio silence between the two: Andrej now revealed that he is still in contact with Jenny.

When asked by a fan whether the 33-year-old was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, he said in his Instagram-Story: “Yes, we have. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s harmonious.” So isn’t it all over yet between the two of them? Would exclude Andrew at least not a new relationship with an ex. “If everything fits, both have learned from the mistakes or differences that existed, why not?” He said. However, it is important to him that nobody is resentful and that both want it 100 percent. “In addition, both should be ready to give everything for each other. I think that communication is really the most important thing for this,” added the athlete.

Would be ready Andrew for a new relationship, but he doesn’t want to rush anything. “Of course I’m a relationship person and I love to have a girlfriend! Let’s see what happens in the near future,” he told his fans. Sounds like a love reunion is taking place Andrew and Jenny not excluded.

Andrej Mangold in June 2020
Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange
Andrej Mangold, TV actor

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Andrej Mangold, TV actor

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