Uncertainty due to half-truths – no transmission of Covid-19 through Chinese medicines


Vienna (OTS) With reference to the APA announcement of January 12th, 2021 “Insane belief – Johnson blames Chinese medicine for corona outbreak”, the umbrella organization for traditional Chinese medicine & related health teachings Austria would like to issue the following statement:

  1. Regarding Boris Johnson’s concerns about the connection between Chinese medicine and the spread of the virus via animal products, it must be said that a black market in species-protected animals has as little to do with Chinese medicine in Europe as the illegal distribution of, for example, drugs under the Narcotics Act has western medicine. Such an association must not arise and should not unsettle patients!
  2. In addition, we can assure you that the scales of the armadillo Squama Manitis (chuan shan jia) are not used in Austria, as it is under species protection (CITES) here, as in China. Bat products such as Vespertilionis Faeces (ye ming sha) are also not used in this country.
  3. Concerns about the risk of infection from Chinese medicine are also inappropriate, as the products are quality-tested several times. Due to the processing and preparation methods, heat-sensitive CoV SARS2 viruses would be destroyed 100%. A risk of infection is therefore excluded.
  4. A recommendation for those who want to use Chinese medicine to improve their vitality or potency would be therapy with herbal products. TCM doctors who are certified by the Austrian Medical Association are happy to provide competent assistance in this regard!

Dr.in med. Ursula Ritz

Dr.in med. Brigitte Scheffold, MSc, MSc

Dr. Eduard Tripp

Inquiries & contact:

Please contact office for further questions@dachverband-tcm.at

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Uncertainty due halftruths transmission Covid19 Chinese medicines


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