Union – Leverkusen: Nadiem Amiri was apparently racially insulted

Union - Leverkusen: Nadiem Amiri was apparently racially insulted

It “doesn’t matter how the game turned out,” Tah continued, an action like this does not belong in a football stadium.  The  defense attorney added that he hoped for consequences for the culprit. By whom the words were uttered, Tah did not say.

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 The  24-year-old condemned the action in the strongest possible terms: “Somehow there were discussions and then the term ‘shitty Afghan’ was used. I want to make it very clear that this doesn’t belong here. No matter what the situation, no matter how emotional is a game. It doesn’t work like that. “

“I didn’t notice anything,” said Union coach Urs Fischer after the game. He heard from hearsay that “there were words that had no business being on the soccer field. Something should have been said on both sides. I would like to clarify that in peace,” said Fischer.

“Racism has no place on the football field and in society. We apologize if that happened,” said Union spokesman Christian Arbeit. Amiri is said to have been very affected in the dressing room, Leverkusen’s coach Peter Bosz spoke to him. “Something like that should never, never happen on a football field,” said Bosz.

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Union Leverkusen Nadiem Amiri apparently racially insulted


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