Urgent recall: disinfectants do not protect against corona


Disinfectants on recall: A Solenal product has only limited effectiveness against corona and is therefore being recalled. (Symbol image)

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A recall for a disinfectant has been started due to insufficient protection. Coronaviruses cannot be effectively combated with it either.

  • A current one recall is for a Disinfectants started.
  • There is no guarantee that Coronaviren by the Surface and hand disinfectants be killed.
  • About the background of the Callback the manufacturer has so far hardly any information disclosed.

Kassel – With a quality control of one Disinfectants Inadequate protection was found. Coronaviren could not be killed effectively by the agent. The manufacturer has therefore started a recall.

Especially in times of Corona-Pandemie indispensable: that Disinfectants. But lately more and more products are from Call back affected because they do not provide sufficient protection against viruses and bacteria or even contain dangerous ingredients. Now it has caught a forma Solenal agent.

Recall of disinfectants: The product does not offer sufficient protection – not even against corona

The Hand and surface disinfectants the company Solenal was recalled because the protective effect could no longer be guaranteed. The manufacturer announces this on its website and provides information about the current one recall*. The effect of a particular batch of the Disinfectant is therefore “restricted.” However, more information is not listed there.

“We subject our products to constant quality control, with which we want to ensure that our products always meet the highest standards of reliability and safety. The latest findings from this permanent quality assurance have now prompted us to Recall campaign for the “Charge 18032020” of the Hand and surface disinfection perform. The reason for this is that the effect of the batch mentioned is limited, ”writes the manufacturer on his homepage.

There is therefore a suspicion that viruses, for example from Coronaviruscannot be completely eliminated by the application of the product.

Recall of disinfectants: Little background is known

That too Consumer portal Produktwarnung.eu rates the information provided by Solenal GmbH as “very economical”, as neither information on returns nor on the trade routes was disclosed. It becomes, however, also here return in the respective sales outlets.

From recall this is affected Hand and surface disinfectants of the Solenal brand in all container sizes with the batch number 18032020:

product Hand and surface disinfection
brand Solenal
Container sizes all
Charge 18032020

Disinfectants often do not offer any protection against corona: numerous recalls in recent weeks

There have been numerous in the past few weeks Callbacks of different Disinfectants, including a product that is at Rossmann* and dm was sold. Also at Edeka a disinfectant was affected by a recall * which, according to the EU, should never have been sold. Especially in times of Corona-Pandemie such production errors represent an increased risk to public health. (Helena Gries)* hna.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Video: A well-known drugstore recently called back a disinfectant

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Urgent recall disinfectants protect corona


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