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 The  Islamist mullahs’ regime in Iran and al-Qaeda – the outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (57) drew attention to the danger of these two globally active terrorist actors in a speech in Washington.

Because although the connections between al-Qaeda and the Iranian mullahs have been known for many years, the interplay between these Shiite and Sunni jihadists, especially in the political discussion in Europe, receives surprisingly little attention.

Pompeo, who was director of the CIA before moving to the US State Department, explains to BILD that this is by no means just a matter for the USA, but that Germany is also the focus of this terrorist alliance:


 The  interaction of al-Qaeda’s global terror network with the state resources of the Islamic Republic of Iran poses a clear threat to the states in Western Europe, including Germany.”

In his speech, which may be his last public speech before the change of government, Pompeo had once again insisted on high-ranking al-Qaida cadres who are planning terrorist attacks from within Iran with the knowledge and support of the Iranian security apparatus.

Pompeo to BILD: “I gave this speech because I wanted to make it clear that Iran is not just a state that is terrorizing its own people and the countries in the Middle East. Iran hosts and supports a global terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of people, many of them in Europe. “

Pompeo officially confirmed for the first time that Abu Mohammed al-Masri was eliminated in Tehran last August. ©

 The  chief planner of the attacks on the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998 (224 dead) was regarded as the highest-ranking al-Qaida cadre after terrorist chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Pompeo did not explain who was responsible for killing the planner, but several US media had previously reported, citing intelligence circles, that a Mossad commando eliminated the terrorist in the Iranian capital.

Confrontation instead of accommodation


 The  leadership of the mullahs’ regime has for years denied that al-Qaeda cadres are in Iran and that they are supported by the regime there. In his speech, Pompeo also highlighted the media chief Abdal Rahman al-Maghrebi, who heads the central al-Qaida media unit as-Sahab and maintains contact with the terror groups in other countries.

Al-Qaeda’s military chief Sayf al-Adl is also said to be still in Iran, according to the US State Department.


 The  Islamic Republic of Iran offers shelter to the same terrorists who are responsible for the atrocities of September 11th and who also committed terrorist attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East,” Pompeo told BILD: “Why should anyone do business with this regime? “

In fact, new negotiations with the mullahs’ regime are already being prepared in Europe and especially in Germany. ©

 The  goal: a new version of the nuclear deal with Tehran, which the Europeans concluded together with the Obama administration in 2015. Thanks to the substantial financial resources that Iran received as a result of the deal, the mullahs’ regime was able to massively strengthen its aggressive expansion policy in the region. Since then, militias led by Iran have been increasingly waging war in Syria, Iran and Yemen.

Despite this apparent failure, the Europeans are sticking to negotiations with the mullahs’ regime – although Tehran is even taking European citizens hostage, including a woman from Cologne who has been in the infamous Evin prison for several months.

Unlike the Europeans, Pompeo does not consider the policy of constant yielding and accommodating towards Tehran to be a solution. Also in view of the threat that Tehran’s cooperation with al-Qaeda poses to Germany, he appealed to BILD in his last days as Foreign Minister: “We cannot ignore this danger. We have to oppose it. “

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