USA after storming Capitol – Vice President Pence promises safe handover to Biden – News


USA after storming Capitol – Vice President Pence promises a safe handover to Biden – News – SRF

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  • According to the FBI-Direktor Christopher Wray are planning around 200 suspects similar actions to the storming of the Capitol.
  • A majority in the US House of Representatives has one Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump agreed.
  • Donald Trump has now appeared on video, but did not comment on the impeachment.
  • His successor Joe Biden called on the Senate leadershipto also urgently look around during the impeachment process to take care of other business.
  • You can find them here most important questions and answers to a second impeachment against the president.

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    Pence promises a safe handover to Biden

    US Vice President Mike Pence has assured President-elect Joe Biden a dignified handover. “We all saw this day – January 6,” said the Republican on Thursday evening (local time), referring to the storm of the Capitol in Washington on that day by supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump, in which five people died.

    “And as the President made it clear yesterday, we are committed to an orderly transition and a safe inauguration. © The  American people deserve nothing less. ” Pence spoke for the first time since the incidents in public and took advantage of a meeting with troops of the National Guard guarding the US Capitol.

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    © The  most important of the night

    • Five days before the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden has the Federal Police FBI warned of possible acts of violence. © The re is a lot of worrying talk online about possible actions, said FBI director Christopher Wray. © The se include calls for armed protests. © The  FBI has already identified more than 200 suspects who may be planning actions similar to those of the Capitol storm, Wray said. With a view to Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, several US airlines have also announced that passengers on flights to the capital will temporarily not be allowed to check in weapons in their luggage.
    • © The  USA reports of the past few days can be found here.

Sources for the live ticker: SRF and agencies.

Tagesschau, January 14th, 2021, 7.30 p.m.

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USA storming Capitol Vice President Pence promises safe handover Biden News


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