Vaccination centers in North Rhine-Westphalia will open to people over 80 from February



The -NRW vaccination centers start operations at the beginning of February. From January 18, around 90,000 hospital employees will also receive a vaccination offer.

The -vaccination centers in North Rhine-Westphalia are to be put into operation from the end of January, at the latest by the beginning of February, in order, among other things, to offer vaccinations to people over 80 in the state. Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann announced this on Monday in a press statement in Düsseldorf.

From the third calendar week ( January 18), all people over the age of 80 should receive a letter with which they can make appointments in the vaccination centers by telephone on the hotline 116 117 of the statutory health insurance associations. Around 1.2 million people over 80 years of age live in NRW. After deducting the residents in the inpatient care facilities, Laumann assumes that there are around a million people who are then eligible for a vaccination.
The -minister went on to say that the supply of this group will certainly take up February and March.

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A corresponding information letter from the state will be sent to you on January 18, NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) announced on Monday. Those affected could then make an appointment at the 53 communal vaccination centers through the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.
The -same applies to employees of outpatient care services.

Vaccination will be offered to hospital workers starting January 18th

From January 18, employees in the hospitals who work close to Covid patients will be offered corona vaccinations. That is around 90,000 employees. From this date onwards, employees at outpatient care services will also be given a corresponding vaccination offer.

As far as the employees’ willingness to be vaccinated, Laumann said that everyone has to make the decision whether to get vaccinated for themselves. Laumann: “ All I know is that this vaccine is responsible,” Laumann said.
The -minister rejects a forced vaccination.

When the corona vaccinations started on the Sunday after Christmas, there was a lot of skepticism in the nursing homes and also worries about possible vaccination damage among the employees. As a result, many nurses said they would not get vaccinated.

If approved, NRW will also use further corona vaccines

So far, NRW has received 280,000 vaccine doses. Half of it will be kept for the second vaccination.
The -second vaccination will start on January 18th. By mid-February, NRW is to receive around 920,000 additional cans. This could then be used to vaccinate another 460,000 people. At the moment, five doses per ampoule are no longer counted, but 5.5, said Laumann.

Despite the strong criticism of the sluggish vaccination start in Germany, Laumann spoke of a smooth process in NRW so far. Around 81,300 people in North Rhine-Westphalia had been vaccinated by Monday morning, and by the end of the week all 280,000 vaccine doses that the state received in a first delivery had been used. To be fully effective, the vaccine must be injected twice a few days apart. “Our structures are such that we can inoculate the vaccine that we have efficiently and quickly,” said the minister.

The -further planning of the corona vaccinations in NRW also depends on the approval of further vaccines that would also be used in NRW if they were approved. In response to the discussion as to whether NRW is also planning a one-time vaccination in order to be able to immunize more people quickly, Laumann said that the approval of the vaccine does not allow this. Laumann: “ We adhere to the admission requirements here.

SPD calls vaccination start in NRW “utter mess”

SPD opposition leader Thomas Kutschaty, on the other hand, criticized a “utter mess”. In some municipalities, fewer vaccine doses are arriving than planned. In nursing homes there is not enough time to obtain the consent of the vaccination candidates, which hinders the smooth process.

The -municipal vaccination centers, which had been operational since December 15, remained unused. Many citizens are unsure when they have to make an appointment for a vaccination. “

The -state government has not lived up to its responsibility to create a sensible structure,” complained Kutschaty.

The -SPD called on Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) to consult with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the country about a possible expansion of production capacities for vaccines. Laumann refused: “

The -vaccine procurement lies solely with the federal government and the European Union.”

Laumann defends approach: “ See no mistakes at all”

Since Germany builds up corona vaccination protection much more slowly than other countries, criticism of crisis management at the federal level is getting sharper.

The -SPD, as part of the federal government, spoke of “chaotic conditions” and blamed Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). At the EU level, the Biontech vaccine developed in Germany is said to have been ordered and approved too late and hesitantly. There is talk of false consideration for French manufacturers’ interests and bureaucratic procedures.

Laumann, however, defended the approach: “I don’t see any errors there, to be clear.”

The -joint ordering and distribution with the EU partners was correct and the early breakthrough of Biontech / Pfizer was not foreseeable: “ To When we had to order vaccine, it was absolutely right to rely on different manufacturers. “(mawo / tobi / with dpa)


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