Verdi initiates strikes in Deutsche Bank call centers


Deutsche Bank is threatened with unlimited strikes in its call centers in the wage dispute with Verdi. According to the union, a ballot among its members will begin this Thursday, which will run through January 28th. “I expect high participation and a clear vote in favor of a strike,” said Verdi negotiator Roman Eberle on Wednesday when asked. An indefinite strike could begin immediately after the strike vote is counted.

Despite several warning strikes, the employers’ side had not made a new offer in the collective bargaining negotiations that had been going on since July for the approximately 650 employees of Deutsche Bank Direkt GmbH, Eberle justified the move.

 The  union is demanding six percent more wages for employees retrospectively from April 1, 2020, but at least 150 euros. In addition, Verdi wants to enforce a choice between money and free time and the introduction of a 13th month salary. According to Verdi, the employers have offered 1.5 percent more money from November 2020 in the four rounds of negotiations and a further increase of 1.5 percent from January 1, 2022.

In addition to telephone customer service, the tasks of DB Direkt also include direct sales of selected Deutsche Bank banking products. During the warning strikes, callers sometimes had to accept longer waiting times.

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Verdi initiates strikes Deutsche Bank call centers


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