Verona Pooth: madness! Their sons look very similar


It has long been clear to us that Verona Pooth’s sons are beautiful. Now a surprising photo that shows a striking resemblance between the brothers!

A new family photo of Verona Pooth (52) causes astonished faces. The presenter shares a cuddly picture of her rascals on Instagram. Verona leaned her head on the shoulder of her husband Franjo (51), who is holding his son Rocco (9) in his arms – but wait a minute, that’s not Rocco at all! The little boy in Franjo’s arms is his son San Diego (17), who has now grown a lot. Rocco Pooth can also be seen in the photo, although he was still a baby at the time of the photo. The two Pooth offspring look very similar today!

Wow, that Diego Pooth has become a sports-loving young man, the 17-year-old proves on Instagram. Our video above shows you Diego’s steely muscles.

That is how old Verona Pooth’s family photo really is

Not only did it take us a second to realize that the new photo by Verona Pooth is actually a nice memory of a photo shoot that was long in the past. “ Time goes by so quickly … unbelievable, it has been almost ten years since this photo was taken,” writes Verona under the picture. Diego, then around seven years old, wears a hairstyle similar to that of his little brother Rocco today. The facial features of the siblings are also confusingly similar.

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The fans are amazed at the picture: “The big one looks like the little one now!” Another user writes: “ We already know today what Rocco looks like … like Diego!” Especially the pictures that Verona Pooth posted on the occasion of the past “A Heart for Children” donation gala show that Rocco looks like Diego at his age.

Diego and Rocco step into the spotlight with Mama Verona Pooth

In 2020 Verona Pooth’s children Diego and Rocco will take their first steps into public life. At the side of their parents Verona and Franjo, who have been married for over 15 years, and their bitch Piccolina, the brothers can be seen as new Sky testimonials. In addition, Diego has been running the podcast “ Der Poothcast Um Kopf und Kragen” with his mother since this year and has even got hold of a small role in the RTL television series “ Der Lehrer”. Where will we see Verona Pooth’s sons Rocco and Diego next year?

The Pooth family clearly had fun recording their Sky commercials. Our video below gives you an insight into the joint family work of Verona Pooth and their treasures.

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