Very posh: Kamala Harris’ temporary residence


Kamala Harris, 56, is still living on a makeshift basis after her inauguration as US Vice President. She cannot move into her official residence due to renovation work. She and her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, 56, have been living in the US President’s guest house, Blair House, directly across from the White House, since Thursday, Harris’ spokeswoman Symone Sanders said.

Renovation work and security issues

It was initially unclear how long they would stay there. But the couple doesn’t have to go there:  The  Blair House consists of four individual buildings and has more than 120 rooms. ©

 The re are 18 full-time employees there who look after the manorial complex and its guests. ©

 The  residence of US President Joe Biden in the White House has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms.

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 The  Blair House offers the comfort of a good hotel – and actually houses high-ranking guests of the US government.

Harris, who was US Senator for the State of California until shortly before she was sworn in as Vice President, recently lived partly in an apartment in the capital Washington. However, the Wall Street Journal reported, after the elections in November, the increased safety standards became a problem for the other residents of the apartment complex.

California king-size mattress


 The  Blair House, on the other hand, seems to meet security requirements. It also offers a high level of comfort – it corresponds to that of a good hotel. Meals are prepared by a chef, there are three dining rooms to choose from, flowers are arranged on site, and there is a gym and hair salon. In-house laundry staff is also available.


 The  spacious master suite, which is intended for top guests, was refurbished a few years ago by Washington designer Thomas Pheasant as part of the ongoing renovation work. ©

 The  master bedroom of the suite has a black chinoiserie bed (with a California king-size mattress) and Egyptian cotton sheets, Washington Post knows.

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 The  White House


 The  Vice President’s official residence since 1977: the Number One Observatory Circle.

Since 1977, the US Vice Presidents have lived in an official residence on the site of the Naval Observatory, about three kilometers from the White House – the Number One Observatory Circle. According to the Washington Post, the chimney hoods in the Victorian house built in 1893 had to be replaced after the departure of the previous Vice President Mike Pence.

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posh Kamala Harris temporary residence


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