Vettel in distress! Is the next bankruptcy season looming? – Formula 1

 Vettel in distress!  Is the next bankruptcy season looming?  - Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel has big plans for the new Aston Martin team. But is there a debacle season looming in the first year?

The clock is ticking for the successor to Racing Point! Because the start in Australia is almost permanently postponed, Aston Martin has little or no time for test drives.

Ferrari forbade Vettel to unwind test kilometers for his new employer in December, after all, the German was still under contract with Scuderia and is now a keen competitor.

Vettel will only get three days of testing in his new car before the season starts in Bahrain (March 28). The tests have also been moved from Barcelona to Bahrain, which should minimize costs.

Also bad for the four-time world champion: he has to share the car with his teammate Lance Stroll during the tests, this new rule does not play into Vettel’s cards either.

Vettel also complains that Fernando Alonso was allowed to take part in the “Young Driver Test”, but he wasn’t: “I expected a fair decision, but it didn’t come. Otherwise Carlos Sainz would have been allowed to drive in the Ferrari and I would have been allowed to drive my upcoming team . I don’t know the background to why decisions are made here on a case-by-case basis. ”

It remains to be seen how quickly the German will get used to his new work tool.

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Vettel distress bankruptcy season looming Formula


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