Vienna – Corona dogs train virus detection with the choir boys


As early as mid-December, the armed forces had presented their first corona tracking dog, “Fantasy Forever”. However, further tests and practical training are required for the project.  The  world-famous boys’ choir has now made itself available for this.

Specifically, PCR tests were taken from around ten to 14 year old boys. Before that, the young people were given masks that had to be put on and ventilated for around ten minutes. © The y were then sealed in an airtight container and given to the military dog ​​center.

As soon as the results of the PCR tests are known, the corona sniffing dogs “Fantasy Forever” and “Piet” can sniff the masks. ©

 The  media representatives present explained that the hit rate of the four-legged friends should be checked in terms of virus detection.

“I would like to thank the Vienna Boys’ Choir on behalf of the Armed Forces for supporting us in training our corona detection dogs. At the same time, however, they are also making a contribution to combating the pandemic. Only together can we contain the coronavirus,” stressed Tanner during her visit .

Sängerknaben-President Gerald Wirth emphasized the importance of regular testing for the choir: “We are therefore happy about the cooperation with the armed forces – the PCR tests would not be affordable for us as a non-profit organization. Nice that the test for training the corona detection dogs is used.”

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Vienna Corona dogs train virus detection choir boys


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