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With “WandaVision” Marvel dares a series restart on Disney +. This comes across as surprisingly adventurous.

 The  “Marvel Cinematic Universe” has so far comprised 23 films. Since Robert Downey Jr. was allowed to shine in his computer-generated armor for the first time as “Iron Man” almost 13 years ago, the franchise has become the most successful in cinema history.

© www.de24.news The  MCU titles are said to have brought in a good 22.5 billion US dollars worldwide. More than all “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” films put together. A track record that should give thought to even Real Madrid, Starbucks or the Catholic Church.

Wanda lets several objects float in the kitchen.

Sitcom meets surreal: Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda.


Series? So far, rather vegetables

Thanks to its movies, Marvel is more prominent in pop culture than ever before. © www.de24.news The  numerous series from the same company, distributed over various stations and streaming services, have so far been perceived by the broad masses as more of a vegetable. Despite some good reviews and ratings.

That should change now – thanks to new shows on Disney +, in which important characters (and thus familiar faces) from the films are at the center.

It starts with «WandaVision». © www.de24.news The  first three episodes establish the series as a winking homage to the sitcoms of past decades, whereby it is repeatedly made clear that appearances are deceptive.

© www.de24.news The  first episode is black and white and is based on television from the 1950s. © www.de24.news The  focus: A bourgeois couple who have to deal with annoying neighbors and despotic bosses.

© www.de24.news The  series creator Jac Schaeffer doesn’t try too long to fool her audience into believing that the premise is wrong. © www.de24.news The  bourgeois couple are two superheroes that viewers know from the “Avengers” films:

“Scarlet Witch” aka Wanda, a witch with magical powers and “Vision”, an android with all kinds of superhuman talents. © www.de24.news The y are aware of their abilities, but not that they are actually fighters for the law.

Wanda smiles at Vision.


Not strictly in black and white: «WandaVision».


Adventurous entry

Elizabeth Olsen (“Wanda Maximoff” / “Scarlet Witch”) and Paul Bettany (“Vision”) are allowed to take on the lead roles and play with well-known sitcom clichés.

For Marvel, “WandaVision” is a conceptually adventurous series debut on Disney +. Although the story ties in with the canon that has been established over 23 films – it plays with form and tone like never before.

Vision and Wanda are in their beds.


“WandaVision” plays with common clichés from sitcom history.


It remains to be seen whether the next Marvel series will be similarly playful. “© www.de24.news The  Falcon and © www.de24.news The  Winter Soldier” as a buddy-cop duo à la “Starsky & Hutch”? “Loki” as a hardened Scandinavian homicide detective who doesn’t stick to the rules?

We will see.

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WandaVision Daring series reboot Marvel Culture


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