Warzone: hackers circumnavigated in the game? Activision app should make it possible


Call of Duty Warzone: New tactics guarantee victory in the battle royale shooter

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Now there is a new tool in Call of Duty Warzone – the Companion App. This should make it possible for players to recognize cheaters early on.

Santa Monica, USA – Since the release of Call of Duty * Warzone * there are more and more in the first person shooter from Activision * Hacker and Cheater. Developer Treyarch and the publisher have been trying to combat this problem for a long time, so far without success. But now she could Cheater-Problematik because of a Companion App finally come to an end. This should prevent honest players from being punished with unfair means before the game starts (All Warzone News *)

Right at the beginning of 2021 a new Companion App For Call of Duty released. This actually serves as a database in Warzone and summarizes exact statistics from every CoD gamer. Overall there is in the Call of Duty Database of over 50 categories in which you can take a close look at your and that statistics of many players.

At ingame.de * you can read how the new Companion App in Call of Duty Warzone * could protect players against hackers. * ingame.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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Warzone hackers circumnavigated game Activision app


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