Washington after the Capitol storm: America in a state of emergency


The day after, it’s quiet in Washington. You meet very few people on the streets. The normal corona state has returned.

A van covered with stickers and equipped with Trump flags stands in front of a hotel not far from the government district. The pendant serves as a base for a huge lettering: “Trump Unity”. Also attached to it: the familiar red hexagon from road traffic. Only the inscription is slightly different: “Stop the steal”.

A reminder on wheels of the turmoil that took place in the US capital yesterday when an angry crowd of supporters of the elected president stormed the Capitol.

America is in shock after the scandal – and at the same time is in great motion. Things that seemed unthinkable 24 hours ago are now lining up.

  • Trump announces an orderly transfer of power, even if he repeats his lies about the election result.

  • He may not get the opportunity to do so. Because congressmen from both parties are calling for his immediate impeachment.

  • After Twitter initially blocked the account of the current president for twelve hours, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced a blockade of Trump on all platforms of his group.

We in Washington and elsewhere in the country are currently experiencing a democracy in a state of emergency. To give you an overview of the events, we have decided on this special edition of the newsletter: »The Situation: USA 2021«. Let me expressly recommend these articles by my colleagues to you:

  • Marc Pitzke, our correspondent in Trump’s hometown New York, has been watching the president for many years. He sees the storming of the Capitol as the logical finale of the Trump era and investigates the question of whether he has to step down before the regular end of his term in office.

  • Finally, our correspondent Ralf Neukirch deals with the role of Mitch McConnell. Until recently he was considered a strong man by the Republicans, now he is faced with the ruins of his life’s work: “Dr. Frankenstein and the monster he created «.

  • You can find all the latest developments around the clock here in the news blog on SPIEGEL.de.

Stay with us.


Your Alexander Sarovic

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