“We have to discuss openings soon”


Threatened or threatened?
Let’s put it this way: Immediate death has been averted, but no one can be discharged healthy for a long time.  The  newly installed bridging aids must now flow quickly and to the extent necessary. © www.de24.news The n I am optimistic that we will be able to preserve the grown, highly valued cores of our cities.

Now the conditions in German city centers were not the best even before Corona. Digitization, especially the power of a company like Amazon, is gnawing at its substance. How do you get liveable cities?
At least not just through shopping anymore, that must be clear to everyone. It all depends on the right mix. City centers have to be promenade areas where you can hang out, meet friends and maybe enjoy culture. And shops have to impress with character and service, better service. A lot of things have to fit together, which is not easy. But if it succeeds, then the citizens prefer their old town – like here in Tübingen – to Amazon. It is worth it ..

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discuss openings


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