Weather in Germany: Does Arctic Outbreak bring an extreme onset of winter with snow and freezing cold?


Can winter friends look forward to the Arctic Outbreak?  The  weather in Germany could soon be determined by a new cold.

  • An ice-cold surprise could come soon at Weather in Germany imminent.
  • Even in the lowlands there could be snow, ice and therefore slippery terrain.
  • According to experts is a Arctic Outbreak responsible for the weather.

Offenbach – That Weather in Germany has in Winter A few more surprises in store for 2021. Experts are now bringing the possibility into play that there could be an extreme weather situation in the country – a so-called Arctic Outbreak. And the drop in temperature has one thing in store above all: good news for Winter friends. Because snow down to the plains is not uncommon with such a weather phenomenon.

Weather in Germany: Arctic Outbreak – This is behind the extreme phenomenon

But what is a Arctic Outbreak? Actually, the explanation behind that is already in the term Weather phenomenon. An Arctic Outbreak occurs when the air out of the Arctic is carried to other, more southerly parts of the world, explains the meteorologist Gerog Haas from “”. In the second half of winter the sun hardly shines in the north polar region, which is why the air in this area is the coldest in the entire hemisphere. Under certain conditions, the air from the Arctic can then be extreme Onset of winter have as a consequence. This is what happened in the United States in September 2020. Which of these special conditions must apply in order for the onset of winter with snow in the lowlands in Germany is getting closer again, he explains meteorologist using several options.

Arctic Outbreak in Denver temperature
07.09.2020 Up to +36 degrees Celsius
08.09.2020 up to +2 degrees Celsius
09.09.2020 -2 to +1 degrees Celsius

Winter in Germany: Is an Arctic Outbreak possible here? © The  conditions

Because in general there are chances for you Arctic Outbreak at the Weather not particularly good in Europe. ©

 The  reason for this is the geographic location. ©

 The  rather warm North Sea and the mountains in Scandinavia are the cold ones Arctic air often in the way. For example, if there is a low pressure system over Scandinavia, then the arctic air has to escape over the North Sea. ©

 The re it then absorbs heat. ©

 The  result is that the air from the Arctic is no longer extreme here low temperatures can provide, explains expert Haas. If the low pressure area is above the Baltic Sea, the cold air from the Arctic can take the route over the Scandinavian mountains. But even there she does not come into our home unhindered Germany but is warmed up by the so-called Scandinavia foehn, explains the meteorologist. In this case too, the Arctic air unfortunately does not mean bitterly cold weather in Germany.

Weather in Germany: Meteorologists bring the possibility of an Arctic Outbreak into play (symbol picture).

© Matthias Bein / dpa

Much more exciting for the winter fans is a third way in which the cold air can get to Europe. Located above Scandinavia in the Winter namely a high, the cold air can be led around the Scandinavian mountains. ©

 The  arctic air then stays in the country and in most cases also cold and brings low temperatures with it, explains Haas. If there is a Mediterranean depression from southern Europe that comes into play, that is it Arctic Outbreak not far anymore. Because such a low brings moist air and thus ensures snow.

Weather in Germany: How likely is an Arctic outbreak this winter?

How strong is it Arctic Outbreak at the Weather in Germany can make noticeable, showed in the years 1978 to 1979. Im January 1979 it was cold down to -19 degrees in Germany at that time. Snowstorms caused enormous amounts of snow, especially in northern Germany. At that time even tanks had to be used to fight the giant Masses of snow to arrive, explains meteorologist Haas.

Like probably an Arctic Outbreak right now in terms of things Weather in Germany is, that is what the portal “wetterprognose-wetter” dealt with. Accordingly, the polar vortex will play the most important role in the event of a possible onset of winter. Because in it there is a so-called high pressure axis (center of a high). Depending on how this shifts, there can be a strong onset of winter in Germany or, on the contrary, it can become warmer and dingy again. It is still unclear whether there is one Arctic Outbreak will exist in Germany. But there are opportunities for this, because also in others Weather forecast the variant with the arctic air is increasingly being considered as a possibility, according to the portal.

Weather in Germany: Winter in the lowlands has opportunities again – also snow in sight?

So far they are Meteorologists disagree on how exactly it goes with that Winter weather in Germany goes on. Much depends on whether a Arctic Outbreak comes about or the “shock prognoses” for the winter come true, such as those of the Graduated meteorologist Dominik Jung opposite As a result, January 2021 should be three degrees Celsius too warm than the climate mean. And February could also be an average of two degrees warmer than the climate mean. A real winter with snow in the opinion of the meteorologist is a long way off. For the Winter-Fans So it remains exciting in Germany. (Sophia Lother)

List of rubric lists: © Matthias Bein / dpa

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Weather Germany Arctic Outbreak bring extreme onset winter snow freezing cold


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