Weather in Germany: low mountain range winter is really picking up speed – expert warns of chaos


The -winter temperatures attract snow tourists to the ski areas in Germany. Blockages and crowds are the result. An easing of the situation is not in sight.

  • In many regions in Germany has it snowed in the past few days.
  • Day trippers use it wintry Weather* for hiking and tobogganing.
  • The -rush is sometimes so great that the police have to step in and block roads.

Update from Monday, January 4th, 2021, 12:46 p.m .: Despite lockdown, the wintry draws Weather currently thousands of people in Ski areas or on snowy hills and slopes.

The -onslaught of Snow tourists already has in many regions of Germany caused chaos. Roads are parked, distance rules are not adhered to.

In Winterberg That’s why the slopes and parking lots have been closed since Sunday.

The -ban on entering is intended to deter day-trippers from the snowy ones Toboggan and ski slopes to storm like in the past few days.

The -Eifel community of Hellenthal reacted in a similar way. If you look at the current ones Forecasts for the weather in Germany on, the onslaught could increase even further.

Weather in Germany: Meteorologist with worse fears

Because that Snow chaos in the low mountain ranges should continue according to the graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung. There is permafrost from 300 to 400 meters, and that’s where the snow stays. Jung fears that Weather could have drastic effects for winter sports resorts and popular destinations for snow tourists.

The – Low mountain range winter will continue in the next few days and will lure many people to the higher altitudes and continue for one Traffic chaos worry ”, says Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal For Germany, dirty weather is still announced below, above “mostly winter weather”.

Barriers block the access to a parking lot in the ski area in Winterberg. After the big rush in recent days, the slopes and parking spaces are now closed.

© Henning Kaiser / dpa

Tag forecast
Tuesday (05.01.2021) -2 to + 4 degrees, some sleet or snow
Wednesday ( January 6th, 2021) -1 to +3 degrees, snowfall from Poland in the northeast, later also in the north possible
Thursday (07.01.2021) -2 to +4 degrees, changeable with snow or sleet
Friday ( January 8th, 2021) -1 to +4 degrees, lower layers wet and cold, upper layers white
Saturday ( January 9th, 2021) -2 to +3 degrees, slightly changeable with sleet or snow
Sunday (01/10/2021) -3 to +3 degrees, mixed, partly sleet or rain

Weather in Germany: Winter temperatures lure day trippers to ski areas – police have to intervene

First report from January 2nd, 2021: Offenbach Due to the high number of corona infections, all of Germany is in Lockdown. Although it has been pointed out several times not to go on excursions to ski and toboggan areas during this time, the wintry draws Weather many people in the ski areas. This has serious consequences.

Winter weather in Germany: queues of cars and overcrowded parking spaces

Especially in the Harz, im Sauerland as well as in Taunus Numerous day-trippers make their way to the snow-covered ski areas. There are lifts and slopes, restaurants and huts in Germany closed until at least January 10th. So there is with the icy Weather neither places to warm up nor rescuers who could give first aid in the event of an accident.

The -rush of people also triggers queues of cars, traffic jams and blockages in many places. Parking spaces are overcrowded and corona measures are not being observed.

Many ski areas in Germany are very overcrowded due to the wintry weather.

© Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

The -operators of the winter sports arena City of Winterberg ( North Rhine-Westphalia) therefore appeal to day trippers on their website: “We love our mountains. It also determines: But in these times we have to let this love rest, because the rush leads to traffic jams and crowds. Congested streets, lack of parking spaces and lots of potential contacts. Who wants that? “

Winter weather in Germany: violations of corona measures

The -responsible police also warned on Twitter that Ski areas and above all the winter mountain despite the wintry Weather in Germany to avoid: “Don’t go to the ski areas. It is not the right time for people to gather! ”. Due to numerous violations of the Corona protection measures the police in Winterberg ( North Rhine-Westphalia) already wrote various advertisements. They also blocked access to Winterberg via federal highway 480.

In Lower Saxony There are no restrictions for day tourists, but the tow lifts are closed. Many groups set out on foot, so that there are kilometers of traffic jams in the excursion areas and parking spaces are overcrowded.

The -police of the City of Goslar ( Lower Saxony) in the Harz tweeted that hikers and tobogganers enjoy the wintry Weather want to enjoy, move widely to other areas and keep escape routes free.

Winter weather in Germany: the police are blocking Großer Feldberg im Taunus

A similar chaotic situation currently prevails on Great Feldberg im Taunus*. Due to the high traffic, all roads have already been closed so that access to the Großer Feldberg is no longer possible. Nevertheless, hikers and tobogganists cause numerous blockages in the neighboring villages.

The -situation could worsen in the next few days – because that Weather in Germany should stay wintry for the time being.

Again German weather service reported, it should snow on Sunday (03.01.2021) in many regions in Germany.

The -meteorologists expect two to five centimeters of fresh snow.

The -maximum values ​​are loud DWD between minus 1 degrees in the mountains and 5 degrees at the sea, the sun should hardly show up. ( Teresa Toth) * and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

Headline list image: © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

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