Weather in Germany: “Shock forecast 2.0.” – Trend into 2021 expert appalled


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The weather in Germany will be record-breaking in 2021. A meteorologist speaks of a precarious forecast – and warns.

  • Weather in Germany: 2021 will be the next record year.
  • Even La Niña cannot change that.
  • A meteorologist speaks of a “shock prognosis 2.0”.

Offenbach – How is that Weather 2021 in Germany? The British Wetterdienst Met Office has his Long-term forecast published and does not come to a positive result. Like 2020, 2021 is set to be record-breaking warm. A meteorologist even speaks of a “Shock forecast 2.0“.

Weather in Germany: 2021 ahead of a sad record – Meteorologist: “Shock forecast 2.0”

But how serious is this forecast for the Weather? The British weather service Met Office had already forecast a record year for Germany in 2019 for 2020 – and was therefore right. This is shown by the current data and confirms the seriousness of the prognosis. In 2020 the average was temperature in Germany at 10.51 degrees Celsius and is thus well above the mean value for the years 1961 to 1990. This is 8.24 degrees Celsius. “That is really a very bad result,” emphasizes the meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal

Climate funds from 1961 to 1990 Climate funds from 1991 to 2020
January: -0.5 degrees January: 0.9 Degrees
February: 0.4 degrees February: 1.5 degrees
March: 3.5 degrees March: 4.6 degrees
April: 7.4 degrees April: 9 degrees
May: 12.1 Grad May: 13.1 Grad
June: 15.4 degrees June: 16.4 degrees
July: 16.9 degrees July: 18.3 degrees
August: 16.5 degrees August: 18 degrees
September: 13.3 degrees September: 13.8 degrees
October: 9 degrees October: 9.4 degrees
November: 4 degrees November: 4.8 degrees
December: 0.3 degrees December: 1.7 degrees

Also at Precipitation a sad tendency is emerging in Germany. In 2020, 708 mm fell and thus only 90 percent of the required amount. It is the third Drought year as a result. At the same time it seemed Sun more often than the average: a total of 1889 hours (121 percent).

The weather expert expects a record year 2021 and speaks of a “shock forecast 2.0.” (Archive photo)

© Skanda Gautam/Imago Images

Weather in Germany: alarming development of temperatures in 2021

Now they do the math Experts | from the British Weather Service Met Office for the Weather in 2021 in Germany also with one Record warmth, even if it shouldn’t be as extreme as 2020. “La Niña could make it a little cooler, but 2021 will probably be among the top five of the warmest years,” explains Jung.

Met Office predicts that in 2021 it will be between 0.91 and 1.15 degrees Celsius warmer than that Climate change. The British experts assume an average of 1.03 degrees Celsius. “This is really not a good development that is emerging for the year 2021”, Jung sums up and even speaks of a “Shock forecast 2.0“.

The weather in Germany is expected to be record breaking in 2021.

© Clara Margais / dpa

Weather in Germany: Is global warming being played down? Expert worried

Jung also sees great danger for 2021. Because the long-term Climate change in the years 1961 to 1990 will be in Germany replaced by the years 1991 to 2020. The big difference is that the new climate agent is significantly warmer than the old one. “Therefore it can now often happen that months are ‘too cold’. If that happens frequently, it could quickly be exploited in a populist way and against the scientifically proven Global warming be used, ”says Jung about that Weather.

If you compare both climate remedies, it quickly becomes apparent that summer, Winter and spring have the greatest deviations and have become significantly warmer. The temperature differences here are between 1 and 1.6 degrees Celsius. (Christian incense)

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