Weather: “Snow bomb” bursts over Germany – this is how January begins


Weather: “Snow bomb” bursts over Germany – this is how January begins

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At the turn of the year, many people are already asking themselves: which one Weather does the new year bring 2021?

Now there is Weather Outlook for the coming days.

Weather: Snow forecast for these regions

The Weather-Location remains wet and cold for the time being, even over the turn of the year. But next Sunday it looks a bit more exciting again. Because according to meteorologist Dominik Jung from “” snowfalls are in sight. A snow depth is said to move over Germany. “With the temperatures, that doesn’t really matter. It gets about one to two degrees colder. “


This is how a weather forecast is created:

  • Around 10,000 ground stations, 7,000 ships, 600 ocean buoys, 500 weather radar stations and around 3,000 aircraft ensure that hourly weather data is recorded worldwide.
  • Weather satellites provide surveillance from space.
  • Meteorologists can thus observe what is happening around the world.
  • Parameters such as air temperature and pressure, wind direction and speed or cloud height are measured.
  • Around 25,000 messages accumulate every hour.
  • These are evaluated and transmitted – so weather forecasts stay up to date.


“In terms of weather, the new year begins just like the old year ends. With lots of clouds, sleet or rain in places. The temperatures rise to 2 to 5 degrees, ”says weather expert Dominik Jung.

On the first Saturday of the new year it should be a little friendlier. The sun can be seen more often. There are also a few snow showers. But it gets cooler at a maximum of 0 to 4 degrees.

“Sunday will be exciting. A low comes by, a little snowy low. Then there can be snowflakes even in deep areas. In places it is enough here and there for a thin blanket of snow all the way down. ”The experts at“ ”even call this a“ snow bomb ”.

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Weather: It starts on Sunday

The temperatures are then only just above 0 degrees. Unfortunately, only the north does not get anything from the snow. There it stays milder at 3 to 4 degrees, it should rain.



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The snow depth should hit central Germany on Sunday morning in particular: Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Saxony-Anhalt. Around noon it moves to NRW and Lower Saxony. There is even said to be snow down to the plains.

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At temperatures around -2 degrees, the snow can even remain. “A white surprise is possible in deep Langen on Sunday,” said the weather expert. It looks different for Hamburg and Rostock. In both regions you have to reckon with a maximum of sleet. (ldi)

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