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Weather – Stuttgart:Lots of clouds on the weekend in the southwest

A passerby walks through the city when it rains. Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa / symbol image (Photo: dpa)

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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – © The  weekend in Baden-Württemberg starts cloudy and sometimes rainy, only on Saturday the sun can be seen from time to time. According to the German Weather Service, it will be heavily cloudy in the southwest on Friday, and it may rain from the west. In the highest parts of the Black Forest it should snow towards evening.


 The  maximum values ​​are 8 degrees in Upper Swabia, 12 degrees on the Neckar and up to 16 degrees in the Markgräfler Land. ©

 The re is a weak to moderate wind from the southwest, at noon it subsides. According to the forecast, on the peaks of the Black Forest there are gusts of wind and heavy gusts of wind at the beginning of the day, and strong to stormy gusts in the afternoon.

According to the meteorologists, Saturday should also be cloudy. ©

 The  people in the east of the country are most likely to have occasional chances of sunshine, later in the day it will rain from the west. ©

 The  maximum temperatures are between 2 and 9 degrees.

On Sunday it will be cloudy and mostly dry in the south. In the north it is very cloudy and it is snowing.

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Weather Stuttgart Lots clouds weekend southwest Panorama


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