Weight loss shakes in comparison: Meal replacement: These are the best diet drinks


Weight loss shakes in comparison
Meal replacement: These are the best diet drinks

Many people have good resolutions at the start of the new year. Some want to quit smoking, others want to lose a few pounds – for example by changing their diet. Do diet drinks help? We present test winners and bestsellers.
Diet drinks allegedly facilitate the path to the desired figure. Here’s how: Meals are being replaced by low-calorie shakes, which, according to the manufacturers, contain all the important nutrients. All you need is the powder, which is mixed with water or milk. That sounds good in theory – but which drinks are also convincing in practice? Some products received positive results in tests.

Test winner among the diet drinks: Layenberger Fit + Feelgood Slim

Several magazines rate the Fit + Feelgood Slim from Layenberger as a good weight loss shake. Öko-Test placed the meal replacement far ahead, in the check of Testbild it landed in first place with a grade of 1.6. The buyers also seem satisfied with the shake. In the Amazon reviews, the product has 4.3 out of 5 stars after more than 280 reviews. This is probably also due to the price: a can contains around 400 grams and costs just under 6 euros. According to the manufacturer, one serving provides 215 kilocalories. The shake is available in four flavors.


Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake Vanille-Sahne, 396 g

5,79 € (14,62 € / kg)

6,49 € (16,39 € / kg)

Vegan shake: proteins for building muscle

If you want to not only lose weight, but also build muscle, you should take a look at protein shakes. The protein drinks are also sufficient to replace small meals. Powders like Primal State’s Plant Protein provide the body with nutrients after exercise, which promotes muscle building. According to the manufacturer, the product is completely vegan and, in addition to drinks, is also suitable for preparing pastries and smoothies. One can (600 grams) is enough for 30 servings and costs around 25 euros.

Best seller on Amazon: Yokebe Classic

Among the top selling diet shakes on Amazon are several Yokebe branded products. The most popular is the classic version of the drink, which tastes like grain and honey. Over 1,000 customers rated the Classic Shake with an average of 4.3 stars. It is particularly popular that the prepared drink can also be combined with fresh fruit or cinnamon for a more varied taste. According to the manufacturer, a serving of Yokebe Classic has 247 kilocalories. That’s enough to replace a small meal. A can of 480 grams costs 14.16 euros on Amazon and is enough for twelve servings.


Yokebe Classic Diet Shake (for weight loss, gluten-free and vegetarian, meal replacement for weight loss with high-quality proteins, 480 g) 12 servings

14,16 € (29,50 € / kg)

18,99 € (39,56 € / kg)

The right shaker for the drink

The drinks are mixed by adding milk or water to the powder. The mixture is shaken until it has a creamy consistency. Special shakers are best suited for this. The ProStak Protein Shaker from BlenderBottle, for example, is specially equipped with various containers. This means that liquid and powder can be transported separately – and the shake can be freshly prepared at any time. So ideal for those who want to drink the drink at work or after exercise.


BlenderBottle ProStak Protein Shaker with BlenderBall with 2 containers 150ml and 100ml, 1 pill compartment, ideal for protein, diet and fitness shakes, scaled up to 450ml, black (650ml)

Diet drinks for weight loss: that’s what they really do

Diet shakes alone are not enough to help you lose weight in the long term, according to experts. As with other diets, there is the problem of the yo-yo effect that can occur after weaning. In order to say goodbye to the pounds in the long run, a healthy diet and exercise are important. Here we reveal the devices with which the living room becomes a home gym during the lockdown. However, the weight loss drinks can certainly help to change your diet and offer a quick meal replacement in between.

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Weight loss shakes comparison Meal replacement diet drinks


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