Werder Bremen against Union Berlin in the live ticker: 1st goal!


Werder Bremen will host 1. FC Union Berlin in the Weserstadion this Saturday (3:30 p.m.). The declared goal is a home win at the beginning of the year – the live ticker of the DeichStube *. Current score: 0: 1

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16. Min: Werder were defensively compact in the first few minutes. The first exact pass into the top led directly to the early deficit.

Werder Bremen against Union Berlin in the live ticker: Union Berlin takes the lead early

12. Min: Unnecessary goal. Robin Knoche plays a long flat ball over dozens of meters on Awoniyi, who is not disturbed by Friedl and Toprak. The Nigerian fits on the free-standing Sheraldo Becker, which ends flat at the bottom right from around 20 meters. Kohfeldt is right to be upset about the pass path that has not been delivered.

12. Min: Goal for Union Berlin by Sheraldo Becker. The guests’ first chance leads directly to the lead.

9. Min: The corner falls short. So you won’t do anything with the great Berlin defenders.

8. Min: Augustinsson tries a flank. Berlin clears the first corner of Bremen.

6. Min: Gebre Selassie catches the ball just in front of the two Berlin strikers. For the Czech it is the 251st game for Werder today. Record for a legionnaire.

5. Min: First end of the game: Leo Bittencourt straddles Sargent, but he doesn’t hit the ball properly.

3. Min: Osako claims the ball in midfield after being chased by several Berliners at the same time. The guests go straight to the point.

Werder Bremen against Union Berlin in the live ticker: Referee Tobias Stieler kicked off the game.

1. Min: The game is on. Werder traditionally in green and white, Union in red.

3:28 p.m .: The teams have entered the lawn. We’re about to start!

3:20 p.m .: The 14th Bundesliga matchday will kick off in just under ten minutes. The referee of the game is Tobias Stieler today.

3:25 p.m .: More than 15 minutes are not possible,” says Coach Kohfeldt in an interview with Sky about a possible deployment of Niclas Füllkrug. With Davie Selke, however, a half-time is theoretically possible.

3:12 p.m .: Incidentally, Werder will be wearing changed jerseys throughout January. The controversial “ Wiesenhof” lettering is replaced by “ Green Legend”. This is an advertisement for vegan sausage and meat alternatives from the PHW Group, which is also responsible for the Wiesenhof brand.

3:05 pm: Has during the week Frank Baumann his expiring contract – not to the delight of all Werder fans – extended until 2022.

2:58 p.m .: Werder had two wins before Christmas (1-0 against Mainz / 3-0 against Hannover), but the entire season was worse than Urs Fischer’s team. With 14 points they currently occupy 13th place in the table. With a win you could leave the last third of the table for the time being.

2:52 p.m .: The season so far could hardly have gone better for the Köpenicker. With 21 points after 13 games, they are currently in sixth place in the table. Before the mini-winter break, however, it was a disappointing 3-2 defeat against SC Paderborn in the cup.

2.40 p.m .: Probably the most dangerous goalie from Berlin is still injured: Max Kruse. A torn muscle bundle puts the E-Werderander, who is in top form this season, out of action. During the week, Flo Kohfeldt emphasized, not entirely unselfishly, that he would not miss his former protégé in the starting eleven.

2.37 p.m .: The guests from Berlin run today with the dangerous Awoniyi, who is on loan from Liverpool FC. Also part of the party are Robin Knoche and Marvin Friedrich, who have strong headers. The latter has already scored four standard goals this season.

2.33 p.m .: Also not there today is Kevin Möhwald, who suffers from a gastrointestinal infection. In addition, Eren Dinkci did not make it into the matchday squad after his brilliant Bundesliga debut.

2.31 p.m .: Niclas Füllkrug and Davie Selke got fit in time and are an option for a later point in the game. Milot Rashica is still missing.

2:29 p.m .: Kapino, Veljkovic, Moisander, #Erras, Mbom, Agu, Chong and Füllkrug can be found on the bench.

2:26 p.m .: In comparison to the 3-0 victory in the cup against Hannover 96, Florian Kohfeldt changes four times. Instead of Moisander, Veljkovic, Mbom and Chong, Friedl, Toprak, Osako and Bittencourt are back in the starting line-up.

Werder Bremen against Union Berlin in the live ticker: This is today’s lineup of Werder Bremen

2:24 p.m .: The Werder line-up at a glance: Pavlenka Augustinsson, Toprak, Friedl, Gebre Selassie Groß, Eggestein, Bittencourt, Schmid Sargent, Osako

2:22 p.m .: Happy New Year from the Deichstube. Today Werder Bremen plays against Union Berlin. The constellations start right here.

On the preliminary report from January 1, 2021, Werder Bremen versus Union Berlin:

Werder Bremen want to secure more stable times with a win against Union Berlin

Bremen – The SV Werder Bremen it also has the Schützenhilfe of 1. FC Union Berlin Thanks to the fact that a first division game will take place in the Weser Stadium on Saturday. With a lot of gratitude and humility, the green-whites reacted in the summer to their own survival in the relegation battle, but due to the turn of the year and the duel with “ Co-Rescuers” Union on Saturday (3:30 pm, Weserstadion) there is now a small but nice one Change of mood. After winning two competitive matches shortly before Christmas, Werder is no longer as small as it sometimes did in the first few months of the season and is looking ahead more optimistically and aggressively.

With the table sixth from Köpenick coach sees Florian Kohfeldt his team is “on an equal footing” in terms of individual quality and demands a victory with confidence: “This is a very, very important game with which we can place ourselves very stable in the table. We really want to win. ”#Shortly before Christmas, Kohfeldt looked down, emphasizing the distance of four points to the relegation place and above all of eight points to the first relegation rank. Now he’s talking about that Werder Bremen as tables-13. Having broken through the winless series of nine games through the 1-0 win in Mainz, I made the leap into the lower midfield and continue to strive upwards. And that after the additional sense of achievement in the cup against Hanover “with a slightly broader chest”, said Kohfeldt, but without the team against Union Berlin Letting go of even a trace of negligence: “I’ve been very vigilant this week. I didn’t like the training on Wednesday, I made that very clear. We mustn’t allow ourselves the slightest drop in tension. “

Werder Bremen versus Union Berlin: “ It’s okay for us that Max Kruse is not there”

Straight Union Berlin would punish such a thing mercilessly. Even without a top scorer Max Kruse. Whereby Kohfeldt’s injury-related loss of his ex-player is anything but inconvenient: “ It’s okay for us that he’s not there …” Union is playing a very good season overall, would score stable (by the way, even without Kruse – five Counter in three games) and would have clear strengths and weaknesses. Kohfeldt did not mention the latter, but rather warned of the dangerous standards of the Berliners and the good switching game. “We have to be very attentive.” He absolutely believes that his team is still very young and inexperienced. Unlike the previous opponents from the upper third of the table such as Bayern, Leipzig, Dortmund or Wolfsburg, the coach provided the 1. FC Union Berlin as a somewhat smaller caliber – and also as catchable. “ We want to reduce the gap,” emphasized Kohfeldt. Disconnect currently Werder Bremen and the Berliners still a remarkable seven counters.

This goal of not wanting to lose sight of clubs like Union was part of the impression of the change in mood Werder Bremen. Just like Kohfeldt’s explicit advice: “I am absolutely no friend of making yourself too small. So we started three years ago when we said we want to achieve something and not set the bar so low that we just don’t tear it. I still think so. ”#Only recently it sounded like the smallest possible hurdle – that is, relegation – had been set up. Which in view of the transfer policy with the renunciation of many experienced workers and the loss of top performer Davy Klaassen, which remained without replacement, was not totally absurd. Probably realistic. But also pretty sobering.

Werder Bremen versus Union Berlin: last home defeat “hurt a lot”

The public image has now changed after 14 points from 13 games and some solid appearances by the new team. When asked about the Werder visions that he and the sports director had in mind after Frank Baumann’s contract was extended, Kohfeldt said: “We have to build a team in which we develop young players or other players in order to develop values ​​for Werder Bremen to accomplish. We have to stay stable in the league. These are goals that don’t sound nearly as sexy as ‘ We want to Europe’, but in terms of the framework, these goals are just as ambitious as sitting down here three years ago and saying that Europe is the goal. “

The middle ground is now apparently the solution and a win against Union Berlin would also make it sportier. Kohfeldt’s team rarely acted discouraged, but apparently the coach is now prescribing a little more daring instead of humility for himself and his players. Meanwhile, sports director Baumann ticked off the topic of gratitude. Of course everyone knows Werder Bremen exactly that the 3-0 victory of Union Berlin against Fortuna Dusseldorf on the last day of the game the Bremen team was able to rescue them through relegation. “ In the summer our fans already handed over one or the other case of beer on site”, Baumann recalled of a memorable campaign with 100 cases of beer and a lot of additional donation money. But now it’s about football again. And Baumann has not forgotten that the last visit of the Unioners in Weser Stadium Eleven months ago with a 2-0 bankruptcy “it hurt a lot”. (knee)

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