Werder Bremen: coach criticism – that’s why Leo Bittencourt is 2nd choice!

Werder Bremen: coach criticism - that's why Leo Bittencourt is 2nd choice!

Bremen – During Werder Bremen’s away game in Leverkusen, Leonardo Bittencourt recently had a premiere, albeit a rather unpleasant one: For the first time this season, the 27-year-old stewed on the bench for 90 minutes, although completely fit. Before the home game against FC Augsburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.), coach Florian Kohfeldt explained this measure, criticizing the player, but at the same time encouraging him.

“It was a sporting decision,” said Kohfeldt, who Leonardo Bittencourt after his weak performance against Union Berlin had taken from the team before the game in Leverkusen. It was basically the next harsher measure, a lesson to get the offensive man back on track, because Kohfeldt had been dissatisfied with Bittencourt’s appearances even before that.

Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt has been dissatisfied with Leonardo Bittencourt for weeks

 The  player has found himself in a phase “in which he does not bring certain elements that I want to see from him on the pitch,” said Kohfeldt, “and not just in one game, but over a few weeks.” A problem that the coach of the SV Werder Bremen had initially tried to solve gently: “I tried to protect him again and again and to give him confidence in further starting eleven.” But then the point came, “at which I had to solve it differently in accordance with the performance principle”. Is called: Leonardo Bittencourt on the Bank had to.

In the home game of the SV Werder Bremen against FC Augsburg things can look different on Saturday. On the one hand, because Kohfeldt basically “values” the player Bittencourt, and on the other hand because he has apparently understood the signal from his coach. “Leo trained very hard this week”, reported Kohfeldt – and stated: “He is a starting candidate for the game against Augsburg.” (Dco) Also interesting: This is how you see Werder Bremen’s Bundesliga game against FC Augsburg live on TV and in the live stream.

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Werder Bremen coach criticism Leo Bittencourt #2nd choice


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