What do the “Biggest Loser” coaches think of intermittent fasting?


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 The iss (40), Petra Arvela and Ramin Abtin (48) are not squeamish and take the participants of the show really hard. In addition to the training plan, changing your diet also plays an important role. Intermittent fasting is a popular diet and is currently experiencing a real boom. Promiflash the three TV trainers told what they think of the trend.

“Intermittent fasting is basically not wrong, as you don’t impose any restrictions on your body on nutrients”said Christine in an interview with Promiflash. In addition, it is generally good to deal with the topic of nutrition. Petra said in an interview that she personally thinks all diets are a bit overrated. Intermittent fasting can work well for some, not so for others. “Personally, I sometimes do it intuitively,” she adds. Her colleague Ramin added that it was a healthy way to lose weight and relieve the digestive system.

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 The  three coaches also described their own diet experiences: Due to their past in competitive sports, their lives were based on a healthy diet and a lot of exercise anyway. Overall, it takes less discipline, nerves and renouncing to get used to a good diet than losing many pounds, said Christine finally.

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Christine Theiss with Chanté, Carina, Gianluca, Cindy and Sonja

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 The iss with Chanté, Carina, Gianluca, Cindy and Sonja

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