What do the Germans think about it?


The signs in Germany point to the extension of the corona lockdown. A new survey now shows that a large majority of the population approves the measure.

A large majority of Germans are in favor of an extension of the lockdown to contain the corona pandemic. In a survey by the YouGov opinion research institute on behalf of the German Press Agency, almost two thirds of those questioned said they should continue the restrictions at least in their previous severity beyond January 10th. 41 percent are in favor of unchanged retention, a further 24 percent are even in favor of tightening. In contrast, only 17 percent are in favor of easing the lockdown and only one in ten (11 percent) is in favor of a complete lifting of all restrictions.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is meeting with the Prime Ministers of the federal states in Berlin this Tuesday to discuss an extension of the tough lockdown that was decided in mid-December with the closure of most shops, hotels and restaurants as well as schools and daycare centers. After the start of the second corona wave, the federal and state governments initially tried to reduce the number of infections with significantly weaker measures. The opposite was the case, however, and the situation continued to deteriorate, which ultimately led to a hard lockdown.

Apparently the federal and state governments have already agreed

As the number of infections remains high, the majority of prime ministers are in favor of extending the existing measures until the end of January. The federal government is also advocating this. It is still unclear how exactly one will proceed with the schools and daycare centers.

As the only party represented in the Bundestag, the AfD has spoken out against an extension of the current restrictions. The party’s voters are divided, however. 33 percent are in favor of a complete return to normalcy and 23 percent for a relaxation of the measures. However, 42 percent believe that the lockdown should remain unchanged or even tightened.

Those in favor of the hard lockdown are most strongly represented among the Greens voters. 85 percent are in favor of maintaining or expanding it. Among the supporters of the SPD, the Left and the FDP there are 75 percent each, and 73 percent of the Union voters.

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