WhatsApp is discontinuing service for these smartphones


On January 1st, 2021 WhatsApp stopped its service for older devices and operating systems. Which smartphones are affected.

  • WhatsApp is discontinuing its support for older devices
  • Users of affected smartphones and operating systems now have to take care of an update if they want to continue using WhatsApp
  • Here you can find out which devices can no longer use WhatsApp properly – and who needs to install an update

The -messenger service WhatsApp For many smartphone users, everyday life is unimaginable: keeping in touch with friends, exchanging ideas with family, sharing information with colleagues, organizing processes with school and daycare groups.

WhatsApp: These devices can no longer use the service properly

But if you use an older cell phone and want to continue using WhatsApp after the turn of the year, you should check whether your operating system is up to date. Users with operating systems that are too old on their devices have been able to use the messenger service since January 1st can only be used to a limited extent or not at all. Read here: These are the best WhatsApp sayings for New Year’s Eve and New Year.

Although there is no official statement from WhatsApp, the support information from the messenger service shows that at least the Google system is required for problem-free use Android 4.0.3 or the Apple system iOS 9 is needed.

For older versions, the following is concrete restrictions to be expected:

  • New WhatsApp accounts can no longer be created on devices with older operating system versions
  • Existing WhatsApp accounts can no longer be verified on older devices after a new installation
  • It is no longer possible to close security gaps in Messenger using an update

Users of older devices can check whether their operating system can upgrade to a newer version. However, there are also older smartphones that do not support newer software at all. About that is affected iPhone 4 from 2010 or that Samsung Galaxy S2 from 2011.

WhatsApp More on the topic:

If you want to know which operating system is running on your mobile phone, you have to call up the device information. On iOS smartphones you can find the information under “ Settings General Software Update”.
The -latest iOS version ever available is iOS 14.

On Android phones, users need to go to “ Settings” and “ Device information”. to open.
The -currently installed Android version can be read there. Google released the latest Android version, Android 11, in September 2020. (jkali)

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