WhatsApp wants to share user data with other Facebook companies


You can click away from the I agree pop-up, but it will probably come back soon. If you do not want to agree to the new terms of use by February 8, you should consider messengers such as Threema or Signal.

Perhaps when you opened WhatsApp, you briefly saw the pop-up window. And scrolled down as usual and tapped the button «Agree». And forget the message again.
But this request for consent was a little different from most changes to the Terms of Use. First, it came in the usual Facebook blue and not in the green colors of WhatsApp, as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported. And second there was no choice; one could only agree.

WhatsApp wants to share data with Facebook companies

The background: WhatsApp would like to make our data available to all Facebook companies. This is in contrast to previous statements. Unlike in the past, you can no longer prevent data sharing with Facebook.

Specifically, this means: If you agree to the new data protection guidelines, WhatsApp allows account details such as telephone numbers or status information to be forwarded to the Facebook companies. Therefore WhatsApp had to get our “approval”.

WhatsApp writes in the questions and answers: «(…) WhatsApp also works with the other Facebook companies and shares information with them so that they can help us operate, provide, improve and understand our services, customize, support and market. (…) ». The details of the new terms of use and requests for consent can be found here.
You don’t have to agree to the new terms of use, the message contains a very discreet message XIcon, which you can use to make the pop-up message disappear. But the Facebook group doesn’t really give users a choice. Because anyone who does not agree to the terms of use will soon no longer be able to use the messenger, reports “Curved”. Anyone who has not agreed to the new conditions by February 8, 2021 should no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

Alternatively, there are other messengers such as Threema, Wire, Telegram or Signal. However, most people around them still mainly use WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp share user data Facebook companies


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