When Bayer went bankrupt at Union – Leverkusen professional Tah: Amiri offended in Berlin


Berlin (AP) –  The  German national soccer player Nadiem Amiri of Bayer Leverkusen was insulted according to the statement of his teammate Jonathan Tah during the game at 1. FC Union Berlin.

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 The re were discussions, and then the term” shitty Afghan “came up,” said Tah after the 0: 1 in the Bundesliga at the capital club at DAZN. “I want to say that here with all clarity that this does not belong here.”

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 The  statement on the pitch was “the bitterest thing about the whole evening,” said defender Tah. “It doesn’t work that way, I hope that somehow it has consequences.” It is very bitter that Amiri was “insulted” because of the origin of his parents.

Union press spokesman Christian Arbeit made it clear at the press conference that Union is fundamentally against racism. I apologize for that. Berlin coach Urs Fischer tried to calm the angry Amiri on the field. If Amiri was insulted, he apologized for it, emphasized the Swiss. He didn’t notice it himself, just something from “hearsay,” said Fischer. He heard that words were said on both sides that “have no place on the football field”.

After the final whistle of the game, it could be seen that there were discussions between players from Berlin and Leverkusen on the field. Amiri’s team-mate Kerem Demirbay said that he didn’t want to comment on the scene out of respect for his opponents: “What is on the pitch stays on the pitch.” © www.de24.news

 The re was initially no reaction from Union to the incident.

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Bayer bankrupt Union Leverkusen professional Tah Amiri offended Berlin


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