Whirl around ex-Sky presenter: Kate Abdo distributes cum compliment!

Whirl around ex-Sky presenter: Kate Abdo distributes cum compliment!

Former Sky presenter Kate Abdo handed out a spicy compliment at a boxing event. She told the fighter’s father that he must have good sperm.

Dallas – Ouch! During an interview, the former Sky presenter Kate Abdo (39) slipped a questionable compliment.

Kate Abdo (39) let herself be carried away to make a spicy statement in front of the camera. © Instagram / image montage / kateabdo

British presenter Kate Abdo speaks several languages. She is one of the most famous and most successful sports presenters in Europe. In this country, the beauty could be admired for its commitment to the German pay TV broadcaster Sky.

The 39-year-old recently worked for the DAZN streaming service. On January 2, she interviewed the father of boxer Ryan Garcia (22) in Dallas. He was just before his fight in the lightweight against Luke Campbell (33).

The father Henry Garcia had to deal with Abdo’s questions a few minutes before the start. As RT reported, the two initially talked loosely about his offspring. Because Henry has two sons: in addition to his Ryan, Sean is a successful competitor in boxing.

Abdo wanted to praise the Garcia’s good genes. It just didn’t work out quite the way she’d expected. “They made their sons beautiful and sporty,” she said in front of the camera. Then she slipped out, “You must have really good sperm!”

Oops! Henry obviously hadn’t expected the sperm saying. After looking a little puzzled, he began to smile. Then he thanked the British woman.

Not only Henry Garcia, the network was visibly amused by Abdo’s action. Her words caused quite a stir on social media. “Did she really just ask that?” Some of the comments said. While many took it with humor, her statement also met with criticism. “Simply embarrassing” wrote one user Twitter.

On that day, however, not only the statement of the presenter should have stayed in the memory of Henry Garcia. Both of his sons, who competed on January 2nd, had won their battle. This was fantastic news, especially for young boxing hopeful Ryan Garcia. Looks like you can forgive Abdo’s misstep with a smile.

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Whirl exSky presenter Kate Abdo distributes cum compliment


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