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Who knows this man who was found in Wilmersdorf?


Found on sidewalk with severe head injuries

It is a depressing idea: you are in a hospital and you cannot communicate. Nobody knows who you are. It is not clear whether the person concerned knows because he cannot be contacted. The Berlin police are currently investigating such a case and are now asking the public for help.

He could be from Riga and his name could be Vladimir

The unknown man was discovered by police on the night of September 13, 2020 in the Berlin district of Wilmersdorf. It’s 3:30 in the middle of the night. Two men are drunk on a sidewalk, one of them is covered in blood. He is badly injured in the head and cannot be approached.

How he suffered the injuries could not be determined. The man is still not accessible to this day, his identity is unknown. There is now evidence that he is from Riga and may have been nicknamed “Vova” for Vladimir. Europe-wide inquiries about this have so far been unsuccessful.

Therefore ask the police for help and ask:

The LKA missing persons office on telephone number (030) 4664-912444 or any other police station receives information.

Personal description: Dragon tattoo on the left upper arm

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