Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?: Strategy of a Psychologist: When is Which Joker Best?


On January 11th, Günther Jauch invites you to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – The Big Gambler Special”. Psychologist Niklas Bayer is there with a very special tactic.

Niklas Bayer (31) is a psychologist and avid poker player. Now he wants to win big at “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – The Big Gambler Special”. In an interview with “rtl.de”, he revealed which tactics he has come up with if he actually manages to take a seat in the show opposite moderator Günther Jauch (64).

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Niklas Bayer wants to beat Günther Jauch with statistical analyzes

“I’m in the gamer special today because I’ve always liked to play,” reveals Niklas, who is also called “Eynck”, in an interview. His special passion is the card game. Niklas emphasizes that he has already participated in poker tournaments.

The 31-year-old doesn’t like to leave his luck to chance. “I have a great weakness for game theories, including mathematical analyzes behind any games,” says the Dortmund native and reports that in the run-up to the broadcast he made a statistical analysis of the jokers that are available. He would have “considered every detail” and “prepared himself in all matters”. The 31-year-old is of course sure that the best scenario is when you know everything and don’t need any jokers, but also has a plan B in his pocket. “Otherwise it’s good to use the telephone joker as early as possible,” the psychologist has analyzed. According to his research, the telephone joker would have “basically the greatest backward decline in chances of success.” With earlier questions, however, the joker is quite often successful, since the questions can then be answered more often “within 30 seconds”.

Later, many questions would either become “very specific” or it would take more than 30 seconds “to separate the question.” For this reason, he would be happy if there was a question early on that he had the feeling that one of his telephone jokers might know. Niklas Bayer would then like to use the candidate joker and the additional joker later in the “Gamer Special”. Because these jokers would have the chance “to look at the question for a long time in order to think about it”. In addition, things could then be excluded in order to ultimately give the correct answer.


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“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
Celebrities earn 346,000 euros in the special
With “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” German celebrities raised a total of 346,000 euros for a good cause on Thursday evening.

Psychologist differentiates with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” between theory and practice

Despite all the perfectly articulated theories, the psychologist is aware that the reality could be very different once he has taken the candidate’s chair. Of course, it could also happen with an early question, “that the telephone joker gives the wrong answer, or that he is unsure,” the Dortmund native states. It could also be “that the first questions are not suitable for the telephone joker”. In this case he would proceed like the other candidates and first choose the public joker.

The psychologist is also aware of the weakness of his theory. “When you do such game-theoretical analyzes, you basically always assume that the same situation occurs again and again and that you play thousands of poker hands or games in a row,” says the 31-year-old and continues: “With ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ the big problem now is that I only get on the chair once. “

Two million euros can be won in the “Gamer Special” from “Wer wird Millionär”. But only those candidates who dare to answer the first nine of the 15 questions without using a joker have a chance of winning the mega-prize. Whether Niklas Bayer’s nerves can cope with this burden and whether he will even make it to the council chair will only be revealed during the course of the program.

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – The Big Gambler Special”, January 11th at 8:15 pm on RTL.


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