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According to a leak, the upcoming new user interface of Windows 10 with the internal name “Sun Valley” will contain not only new visual context menus but also improvements in the dark design.

We recently reported that Microsoft is currently working on a redesign of the Windows 10 user interface. So it should be about the “radical rejuvenation” of the graphical user interface of Windows 10. Part of the redesign also affects the dark design, which is supposed to be more consistent, as the Windowslatest blog claims from trusted sources. Internally, you probably experiment with different dark designs, the aim being to make all areas of the UI dark as possible. Especially in combination with OLED screens, dark elements help to enable longer battery life, as the organic LEDs can switch off.

Will the File Explorer be redesigned in Windows 10?

Another part of the internally “Sun Valley” baptized surface are rounded corners. It could also be that the file explorer gets a revision and becomes more accessible in terms of accessibility. To celebrate the one billion devices with Windows 10 installed, Head of Devices & Windows Panos Panay shared a video on Instagram.

 The  file explorer is not only based on the start menu, but above all is easier to use with a touchscreen. In the left column there is the directory structure, which is now kept in the style of the start menu. ©

 The  column with the open folder, on the other hand, looks familiar and has a menu bar with options that can be folded out. It may be similar to that in the Office programs, so that you can choose how much space you want between entries.


 The  aim is to make Windows 10 usable for everyone – including people with disabilities – and to offer various display options for the mouse pointer. Microsoft is also currently working on adapting the automatic scaling of windows so that users can display three windows in parallel on one screen. ©

 The  new graphical user interface will be available with Windows 10 Version 21H2 in the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

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Collection on the possible redesign “Sun Valley” of Windows 10:

  • Allegedly Microsoft wants to introduce a consistent dark design for the new “Sun Valley” graphical user interface.
  • ©

     The  new UI also includes rounded corners in windows and context menus.

  • A visually new file explorer may also be part of the redesign, which should also focus on greater accessibility.
  • ©

     The  new user interface of Windows 10 should not be available until Windows 10 Version 21H2, which is expected for the second half of the year.

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Sources: Windowslatest, Instagram

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PCGH Plus: ©

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 The  article comes from PC Games Hardware 08/2020.
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