World record: Twitch streamer goes on air every day for five years

World record: Twitch streamer goes on air every day for five years

Getting paid to play video games – what used to be branded a pipe dream is now a big money opportunity in 2021.  The  streamer BastiGHG probably thought this too, but his work ethic is second to none. © The  German is more than hardworking, he has been streaming every day for the last five years. Nobody has ever achieved this and is a world record.

Imagine having to work every day. That doesn’t sound like fun, but for BastiGHG it is. ©

 The  German mainly streams “Minecraft”, “Rocket League”, “Fifa” or games that are currently popular. In his five years as a streamer, BastiGHG has gained 600,000 followers who watch him collect raw materials.

Five years without holidays and without Fridays. And not going to work because of an illness? ©

 The re is no such thing for BastiGHG. During his time as a streamer, he broadcast almost 10,000 hours of games and turned his hobby into a profession. He doesn’t even show his face. In his streams you usually only see his hands,

Anyone who thinks that BastiGHG only streams for a few minutes a day is wrong. A normal streaming day for Germans lasts at least eight to twelve hours, i.e. the BastiGHG even works overtime. After all, an average of 2000 people watch him at work.

When the BastiGHG goes on vacation, only it knows. Until then, it will build on its unofficial world record as the longest daily streamer. But who knows, maybe someone is streaming longer somewhere and the gaming world just hasn’t found him yet.

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