“Wynonna Earp” shoots through four seasons on Sky


Zombies, literally the undead of horror television, have long been ripe for the eternal hunting grounds. Unless the living corpses are not grunting brain eater like in “The Walking Dead”, but cool cowboys, and their hunters even cooler cowgirls. Like “Wynonna Earp”.

For three seasons she has been trying to clear the 77 corpses that paved the path of the marshal of the same name since Corall won his duel at OK. At the beginning of December, Syfy released the US series completely for the German audience for the first time. Now the special interest channel is going into the final, and again it will be very bloody and amusing. With the help of Uropa’s Magic Colt and Wyatt’s Earp’s immortal ex-partner Doc Holiday, this third millennium Buffy continues to cleanse the Purgatory desert nest from the curse of the 19th century.

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But because Sister Waverly was kidnapped through a hell gate into the afterlife, she has to expand her combat area and comes across a conspiracy of “lost” proportions, in which the living seem to be entangled. It’s a bit confusing at times, and sometimes there are a few monsters too many. At the same time, however, the feminist version of the male-dominated genre is so funny that you can’t get enough of Wynonna Earp’s crazy zombie chase in brute techno sound.

“If you die, I’ll kill you,” she calls after a companion as she plunges into the realm of the undead. But don’t worry: neither will work anyway. What is killed here are at most a few clichés from this TV division.

“Wynonna Earp, fourth season” (also seasons 1 – 3), on Sky, six episodes, by Emily Andras, with Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, (streamable from January 7th)

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Wynonna Earp shoots seasons Sky


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