Zayn Malik: He’s surprising with a new album – and it’s out this week!


For a long time it was quiet about ex- “One Direction” member Zayn Malik. Now Gigi Hadid’s partner is back with new music that could hit the charts.

The wait is finally over! Thirteen months have passed since singer Zayn Malik (27) released his last album “Icarus Falls”. As early as September 2020, the former “One Direction” hottie hints at his third album with his single “Better”. Since the said September, however, the following music has not been the focus of his life, but the birth of his little daughter.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid makes Zayn Malik a dad

In April last year, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid (25) surprised the whole world with their pregnancy news. In 2019, the dream couple found each other again after a separation, the love reunion was perfected by their daughter. During Zayn’s time in the boy band “One Direction” his mysterious image attracted attention. Even today, five years after he left the band, he lives up to his image. Because Zayn and Gigi do not present their daughter’s face in public, and their name is also unknown.

The new album will be released on January 15th ex-“One Direction” member Zayn

New dad Zayn Malik is now back with new music after months of corona isolation on Gigi Hadid’s mother’s farm in Pennsylvania and the baby break. Since Zayn took part in the British casting show “The X Factor” in 2010 at the age of 17, his musical talent has been known worldwide. For five years he toured alongside Harry Styles (26), Louis Tomlinson (29), Liam Payne (27) and Niall Horan (27) through the most beautiful metropolises in the world, although the group only took third place on the show at the time . Today the singer has found his own sound – and it is unmistakable.

Not only the song “Better” already gives a first glimpse into his new album, but also the track “Vibez”, which was released a few days ago. On Friday (January 15th) the time will finally come: Zayn Malik will release his album “Nobody is Listening”. A total of eleven songs will then have the opportunity to storm the charts – for Zayn Malik these have not been untouched for a long time!


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Zayn Malik Hes surprising album week


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