1 & 1 Drillisch goes live: Germany gets a fourth mobile network


This will give Drillisch access to the O2 network in the future.  The  cooperation is a prerequisite for Drillisch to build its own network. © www.de24.news

 The re are currently mobile networks in Germany from Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica (O2), and Drillisch will become number 4 in some time.

In 2019, the company acquired frequency spectrum for the first time for around 1.1 billion euros. However, Drillisch only wanted to use this for its own network when its mobile phone customers were not sitting in the radio gap away from their initial locations during the years of construction, but were supplied via national roaming, similar to international roaming abroad. Without this access, the company would have a bad hand in the race for customer favor.

After long negotiations, 1 & 1 Drillisch goes to the start

© www.de24.news

 The  newcomer negotiated for a long time with all three long-established network operators, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica. He came to an agreement with the Munich group. © www.de24.news

 The  agreement is positive for both sides: it enables Drillisch to enter the market as a network operator, while Telefónica can better utilize its network and receive rental income.

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 The  two telecommunications companies have been working together for a long time, and as a so-called virtual network operator, Drillisch primarily uses the capacities of Telefónica. This agreement from 2014 only lasted as long as Drillisch did not have its own network. © www.de24.news

 The  cooperation continues with the new contract. However, this is only about 2G, 3G and 4G – the new 5G cellular standard is not included in the deal. Drillisch wants to make this possible for its customers via its own antennas. © www.de24.news

 The  company, based in the Hessian Maintal, belongs to the telecommunications group United Internet from Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate.


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Drillisch live Germany fourth mobile network


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