1. Suspected case of the Brazil mutation in Austria – coronavirus


In Salzburg there is the first suspected case of the Brazilian virus mutation in Austria.

After the British and South African virus mutation were detected in several cases in Austria, the fight against Corona is now the next bang: In Salzburg there should be the first suspicion of the Coronavirus mutation from Brazil. An affected sample is currently being checked more closely, reports the “Krone”. This would make Salzburg the first federal state in Austria with a registered case of the Brazilian corona mutation.

Higher risk of infection

In addition to the South African mutation, the Brazilian mutation is also considered highly contagious. This variant is also a headache because scientists suspect that the Brazilian mutation is more resistant to antibodies. This would mean that people can become infected again with the virus after having recovered from corona. Further investigations are currently being carried out as there is still no clear result.  The  final result of the analysis is expected in the coming days.

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Suspected case Brazil mutation Austria coronavirus


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