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© www.de24.news The  occasion is twelve active Covid-19 cases, four people classified as K1, four Covid-19 recovered and other sick days of the 126 employees in furniture production,” explains Managing Director Markus Max.

This step was taken to protect all employees and to ensure smooth furniture production across all wards. “© www.de24.news The  decision to temporarily shut down production is based on an internal company decision and serves to protect the health of all employees at the production site and the company headquarters in Stockerau,” emphasizes Max.

All hygiene measures have been checked in advance by the BH Korneuburg and found to be sufficient. As a result of the production shutdown, the collection and delivery dates are postponed. “All customers are informed by their furnishing consultants,” says Max. New appointments are made. P.MAX has come through the crisis well so far, you didn’t have to use short-time work, Max is proud.

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Covid cases PMAX noenat


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